The new traveller and the new professional

Travelling has become one of the most attractive activities through the years, but it has been proven that there is a lack of interaction and trust between people and brands.

It has been thought to be important to promote a destination in a different way, this new way of promotion is using words to describe feelings, the concept of emotionally provoking content  is believed to be more effective.

The old traveller who used to demand the package holidays has become more independent, as a result a new traveller has appeared, a new traveller who uses the new technologies to look for information to compare positive and negatives aspects of travelling to a specific destination, so , it has been said it is about time to start  doing things in a different way.

It is believed neuromarketing could be a effective technique, a technique based on motivations, motivations that influence tourist behaviour.

New needs have appeared, one of them is that people now want to take an active part in the organizing process, the role played by travel agents has to change, they are still an  important part of this process, but they should play a more collaborative role, between people and destinations.

A destination is a brand, this brand needs to be promoted, this promotion is not just a matter of  promoters and travel agents, people should be promoting too, they need to get involved in this important role, because we would like to have different  points of view about the destination we want to visit.

Speaking about promotion we all know that brands used to play with words, emotions, so on , we don’t trust  advertising, so the new traveller is looking for real experiences.

Professionals are constantly complaining about the internet, when I really think they should see it as a great opportunity to bulid a brand, and make a serious community where they can meet clients and providers.

Being in the internet as a brand has been said to be a waste of time, but now we can see a lot of  people using  the internet to book their holidays, they use social networks, blogs, websites to organise their holidays, the speak to bloggers, they ask for recomendations, I don’t think this is a waste of time , what I really think is that professionals are used to speak as professionals, and now the new traveller wants a professional who can speak as a person, a person you can trust.

That’s why I am not writting as a brand, I work as a blogger with a brand,  the brand works as a tourist advisor, and we write as  professionals on the blog, this new way of sharing ideas  helps us and help our clients too, it is a more informal way to show what we can do, to prove that we are the professionals we claim to be.



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