The job revolution

Let me introduce myself, my name is Miryam Martínez, I love tourism, social media and learning foreign languages. Actually  I am working as a teacher of extracurricular English for children.

To start my firs article  in English I would like to speak about social enterprenership ,coworking and coaching as a new ways to develop our personal and professional skills.

Believing in what I do or what I want to do in the future  is not the easiest thing in the world,but I know it is the key of success, motivation and working hard are the perfect combination to try to get some results in the future, they are a good way to achieve profesional and personal balance.

For this reasons the new coaching methods are becoming popular, thanks to a coach you can maximize individual efficiency , the main objetive of this methods is empowering all your skills as well as having fun. That’s the reason why it is becoming so effective.

The world is constanting changing, so we need to adapt the methods of education and the way we work to be more productive, it is not a matter of hours , it is a matter of productivity.

We need to learn how to focus on the really important things we must do as well as being a part of a team, that’s why the coworking and coaching methods are so useful.

The social media revolution is helping these new methods, we can share our experiences, meet new people which enrich us,and actually it is the main source to find or look for collaborations.

The work environment is something which we shouldn’t take for granted, we need to feel comfortable, empowering our creativity can help us to be more productive during the working day.

We are enjoying a  job revolution, the main objective of this revolution is making our working day more enjoyable and productive, the key is yours to turn up if you want to be part of a better professional world.



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